Dear Twitter, I #quit.

Of course I want Replacement Children to sell, so being mostly unknown, I researched how to remedy that. Facebook! Twitter! the experts said, so I signed up. Facebook has at least connected me with some long-lost friends, but Twitter is a waste of perfectly good electricity. One year into it and I’m still waiting to […]

One Blast of Crass Commercialism

Had a nice opening pop for my novel. Thanks to all who bought it, and please post a review on the e-tailer’s website as well as on Those still considering a small investment in huge entertainment, Replacement Children is available at;; and every other online book retailer.

Missed Opportunities

(my website: I love old movies, and they don’t have to be all that good. Black and white, made in the 30′s, and I’ll watch. If not for Turner Classic Movies, I might go back to drinking, or find myself screaming at news shows a lot more than I do now. The other night […]

Jim Valvano, Forever Relevant

(my website: Life should mean something. Every life. Beyond tiny personal circles, most don’t, at least not in the everlasting sense. For a few anointed souls, like Jim Valvano, fate decides otherwise. In the two days leading up to the 1983 title game, college basketball coach Valvano’s team was universally pitied by the sports […]

Willful Stupidity

(my website: Stupid is a stinging word, but sometimes you just have to call a spade a shovel. I’m a simple man. (Don’t waste a shot here. They’ll be better opportunities aplenty.) Being simple, I see life as a stream of consequences after decisions, and I think people know when they’veĀ  made a bad […]